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Let us monitor your site for 24 hours

To get relevant insights in the performance of your website, ‘pinging’ it once is of course of no use.

That’s why we will monitor your site for 24 hours and deliver a report with an analysis of the data.

How does your website stack up against the competition? Test it now!

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Performance per sector

We’ve been monitoring performance for ninety (Dutch) websites across nine sectors. See our press releases pages for the monthly analysis.

What is Performr?

Performr is a product that constantly keeps track of how fast a website is. By displaying this information in an easy way, users can see trends and correlations easily. For example, the relation between the number of users on the site and how slow it becomes.


When it gets slow, or when there are problems with the underlying technology, Performr will send out issue notifications to alert the appropriate people.

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