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Benefits for the business

What can Performr do for the business?

Benefits for IT

What can Performr do on the IT side?

In a nutshell

Performr pretends it’s your customer or employee using your application, and monitors it. If there’s a problem, it alerts you. And in addition to monitoring applications, Performr speaks business. It gives context to data and statistics, and makes them relevant for you.

Issue tracking

All relevant people will know what's going on.

  • Know that an issue is taken care of, and by whom
  • Keep each other updated on developments while an issue is being solved
  • Access issue logs so that you both know what happened
  • Discuss future solutions to prevent issues from reoccurring

Event planning

Plan events together to profit both your sides of the business.

  • Know in advance when and what other departments are planning with your application with the shared event calendar
  • Access performance data from different departments within organization
  • Avoid overlap and performance issues

New partners

Business and IT have never been closer.

  • Use Performr’s issue tracking to keep each other in the loop
  • Understand from a business and IT viewpoint, what your end user experiences: downtime = less money
  • Start a conversation from one single truth, and keep it going

End-user experience

Step in your end users' shoes.

  • Experience how end users use your applications
  • Understand why they leave your website before they get to the payment page
  • See how your end users view error pages

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