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Benefits for the business

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Joost, Shopaholiday.com’s business manager mainly uses the e-mail alert function and looks at the notifications on the Performr iPhone App.

Performr can show him that his website is running smoothly and send him a message when something goes wrong. Joost can see the message and choose to investigate the problem, or forward it to his system manager. He can keep himself updated via the chat panel.

See below what benefits await you as a business manager.

Know it all

  • Be the manager who instantly knows when something wrong with the application
  • Get only the relevant information you need for a quick decision
  • Use the iPhone app to know on the go

Instant alert

  • SMS/email alerts the moment you know something’s wrong
  • Decide at which point you need to get alerted
  • Define who gets the alerts

In your own terms

  • Performr speaks business, no IT jargon
  • Friendly-to-read information about an issue, all on one screen
  • Reports written for your business eyes only

Show me the money

  • Understand what your application’s downtime actually costs
  • See when and where transactions are failing
  • Get insights on how user behavior could be enriched