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Eva is the system manager at Shopaholiday.com. Like Joost, she receives messages from Performr the second something needs attention. She can instantly investigate the problem and inform her business manager of what’s happening by using Performr’s chat panel. If need be, she can contact their IT provider who’s also connected to Performr, to assist with the problem.

What else? As an IT manager, here’s what you can expect.

A true friend

Performr gives you all the relevant monitoring you choose to need.

  • Get the objective truth from your friend, data
  • Determine your own thresholds
  • Receive data from entire chain of systems behind application

One screen to show them all

  • Define the monitoring you want to see on the dashboard
  • Access error screenshots and page load breakdowns
  • Get all relevant information from previous similar events

Fix it fast

  • Alerts inform you of a critical incident before it occurs
  • Drill down to as much measurement detail as you need
  • Stay connected and updated of 3rd party involvement

See what’s coming

  • See trends using performance readings on interactive charts
  • Schedule system backups and maintenance runs when business impact is minimal
  • Know when to boost application capacity to enhance performance, therefore, business impact