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Decide and define at which point you want to be alerted, and follow the conversation as an application issue is being resolved.

Defining custom thresholds and notifications

What is a good value and a bad one? With Performr you can determine your own thresholds, and who gets alerted when one, or many have been reached.

Issue Alerts

All measured values are constantly checked against customizable thresholds. As soon as enough abnormalities or errors are detected an alert is issued via e-mail and/or SMS text message, allowing for quick response and incident resolution.

Incident resolution

When a problem occurs, your team can track the issue, assign the responsibility to the right person and discuss any progress on the issue, using the Performr dashboard. Next time such an issue arises, this information will be available on the dashboard to help with faster incident resolution.

at a glance

Performance and context


Get to the source of the problem and see everything you need on Performr’s friendly and informative dashboard.

User-friendly dashboard

The dashboard supplies a clear visual representation of the available information. From a high-level glance at the heat map showing the application components to drilling-down into the details of the low-level measurement data. You can decide the information you want to see in a given situation.

Understanding bottlenecks

Performr can display which part of the application causes an error whenever it occurs. Screenshots of any on-screen errors and page load breakdowns are saved and are available through the dashboard.

Testing the chain

Performr measures the entire chain of systems behind the application. Issues in underlying (or 3rd party) systems will be shown in the results.

No surprises.

Maintain a shared calendar.


Experience what your end users do, from any office or far off location, and from any type of system they use.

Realistic end-user experience

Scripts simulate the behavior of an application’s end users 24/7, giving real-time access to the application’s performance metrics.

Point of Presence

Performr can simulate users from many geographical locations as well as from within an organization. This allows customer experience comparisons between continents, countries or offices.

Mobile / App support

Performr’s monitoring agents are flexible enough to monitor a large range of systems including mobile apps.

Drill down

as deep as you need to.


View trends and planned events and understand their impact on your application’s performance.


Performance readings are bundled and plotted in interactive charts. This makes it possible to see trends, take required precautions and investigate any issues if (when) they do arise.


Let IT and operations collaborate on a shared event calendar. Planned events that can potentially have a high impact on application performance can be checked for overlap, thereby preventing performance issues before they arise.


Access to performance data for people across departments in an organization ensures broad awareness of the impact of application performance for the core business.

Clear, objective information

in the right context.

Decision support

Use objective information to get your one straight answer, from and for any point of view.

Objective performance information (Steered by SLAs)

What is a slow application? Performr supplies objective information for discussions on application performance with the development team, IT department and/or hosting party.

Shared reality

Having one set of data that is objective and unbiased avoids disagreements about the validity of the data and encourages getting straight to business.


Performr has different ways of reporting results such as by using default reports or by creating a customized one. It can also schedule reports to go out at certain intervals.

Scheduled reports

straight to your inbox.

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