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Are you a hosting provider or technology outsourcer ?

You might get lots of value from our partner program. See below for a selection of partner benefits.

Get insight

Here’s you and a few of your many clients. Use Performr to maintain a good relationship and obtain relevant customer insight.

Plan ahead

Performr’s shared calendar allows parties to plan events together, such as scheduled maintenance, and keep everyone in the loop.

Keep talking

Use Performr’s chat functionality to keep an open line of communication when there’s a problem that needs immediate attention from both sides.

Protect your SLAs

If you ever find yourself in a discussion, use Performr as a single and objective source of proof.

What problem?

Solve a problem before it becomes one.

Instant alert

Get alerts from your client’s application before your client even knows.


Provide insightful and relevant reports. Either one-offs or scheduled.